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President Obama is the 3rd most popular person on Twitter. Trump is not in top 45.

President Donald Trump is extremely competitive, it’s inanely insane. That is why the news that he is not the most popular person on Twitter might not sit well with him. His lack of superior followership on Twitter, in fact, could explain why he has not boasted about it publicly or on Twitter.

Trump tweets a lot, a lot. It appears he tweets, to stay ahead of the media or control the message or just for fun. But despite tweeting so much, Trump does not own the title of the largest followership on Twitter. According to Friend or Follow, a site that tracks Twitter followership, that title belongs @katyperry, 95.9 million followers, the singer and former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s supporter. In fact, Trump is not even in the top 40, he barely makes it in the top 50, number 47 to be precise, four steps behind his buddy and rapper Kanye West, and 44 steps behind former President Barack Obama whose @BarackObama Twitter handle, with 84.9 followers, is 3rd most popular in the world. Don’t say that too loudly. You do not want to trigger an angry tweet from POTUS. Obama is slightly bested by singer Justin Bieber whose @justinbieber handle, has 91.8 million followers.

What Trump lacks in follower size, however, he makes up big league in tweet volume. To date, Trump’s account has broadcasted approximately 34,500 tweets. The real reason Trump tweets so much is unclear, if you are interested in knowing, you will have to ask him. The problem is 140 characters is not enough to communicate a coherent message and if you are the leader of the free world that can be a problem.

NPR took a look at some 44 tweets from Trump’s private Twitter @realDonaldTrump account from Jan 20, the date he was sworn into to office and tried to put everything in context and found just how it was disjointed, misleading and hard to follow a Twitter message. They had to annotate to attempt explaining what Trump was trying to say in a tweet. It’s like communicating to the public by crude ciphers. The folly of using Twitter as a presidential communication tool is baffling. The real problem, however, is Trump is nowhere close to seeing how this is or can be a problem in running a colossal bureaucracy the size of the US government. In fact, he sees his tweets as a strategic substitute for his supporters and citizens to gain information directly from him and not from credible independent media. He is using his Twitter account as a bludgeon to beat down on credible established news organizations such as New York Times, NBC, CNN “fake news” media and broadcasting to his 25. 3 million followers. Yeah, 25 million, that’s a lot of people getting crazy tweets from POTUS and the number grows exponentially with retweets.

For a 70-year-old man, 34,500 tweets is impressive. In fact, it would be even more impressive if the tweets carried a message people embraced. But in any case if you consider Twitter to be a new generation fad, Trump is in a class of his own beating all the young bucks by far. He has more than twice the number of tweets compared to President Obama, and four times more than Katy Perry, the most popular person on Twitter. He beats Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West and even YouTube.

Trump earned his place by working hard at solidifying this useless and self-destructive habit. He tweets during the day, at night, anytime, even around 3am. Like he can’t sleep. He just tweets. But as much as he tweets, he also gives people the opportunity to talk back to him. And boy are they brutal. He is called all kinds of names, his tweets are panned and his ideas mocked and laughed at. It’s confusing what he is trying to achieve here. You can say his tweets gain some currency when they are broadcasted by the mainstream media he so loathes, but in the democratic space of social media, it’s not clear if his message or method is the most effective.

There is a silver lining somewhere, but it’s not in view yet. We just have to wait for it. In the meantime, we have to contend with the sad prospect that POTUS probably has an addiction he cannot control. This habit is most likely making his work harder because he appears erratic and naive. He is also undermining our foreign policy, sending mixed messages to his staff and the country and weakens his hand in negotiations with adversaries such as China and Russia because he exposes too much of his thoughts. While this habit may be difficult for Trump to kick, it’s advisable that he takes a step back, borrow a leaf from his buddy Kanye, and use Twitter sparingly.

News about chaos in the White House suggest the tweets are not having a magical effect needed in Making America Great Again. It’s time for Trump to prove once an forall that he can tweet and chew gum govern at the same time.

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