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Lack of courage from GOP leadership gave us this crude man.

Lack of courage from GOP leadership gave us this crude man.

Republican leaders are weak and they have no courage. Here is a list of all Republican leaders who have capitulated in fear and endorsed Donald Trump, the most unqualified individual to every run for the US presidency.

Some are now falling all over themselves today to denounce him over his latest outrageous comments about women reported by Washington Post but very few are mustering the courage to withdraw their support from him.

Maybe they realize how irrelevant they have become in the face of the massive grassroot support Trump has garnered.

Republicans leaders blew opportunity after opportunity to stop Donald Trump from gaining nomination. What they did was selfish and sheer political malpractice. They did not challenge this man who they all knew too well was unqualified to be president. They looked the other way when he entrenched hate in the country and pretended as if his racist attacks against President Barack Obama were just a private conflict between two men.

In Republican Primary debates, all the experienced candidates stood there like a bunch of dominoes waiting to be struck down and fall in a sequence. And they were struck– one-by-one, by Trump and each one fell without putting much of a spirited fight expected for the job they are seeking. They did not once, put Trump on the defensive or question his statements and business record..

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tried but theirs were solo efforts and nobody followed. Their effort, however, was not even serious. It was a such a half-assed effort doomed to fail. They did not ask Trump how he will make American Great Again besides just yelling the slogan in rallies. They did not ask Trump to substantiate his assertions that the country was in the worst shape ever. They could not for two reasons. They had no courage and Trump was merely mouthing the lies they have told their base for the last 8 years.

Trump’s outrageous lies found a fertile ground with his supporters. When he said the economy is in the worst shape possible, they did not accept that 8 years ago, under Republicans, the country was facing a massive economic collapse and unemployment was spiralling out of control. Under Obama, all economic indicators show the economy is steadily recovering.

Then there were those GOP leaders who pretended to be above the fray. That dealing with Trump was beneath them. Ohio Governor John Kasich is one such guy. He played coy when asked about anything to do with Trump’s outrageous behavior choosing instead to offer tepid denunciations and acting as if he did not want to be drawn into a silly argument. Given the choices of standing up to a bigot and pathological liar and save the country or stay silent and set the nation on unpredictable path, Kasich took the former path. That was not not leadership, it was cowardice. Kasich is unique because he has led a useless silent pouting effort against Trump, which has done nothing to stop him. Latest polls show Trump is actually gaining or maintaining healthy support in Ohio.

It is baffling why Republican leaders allowed the cancer of Trump to metastasize.  It was clear from his past positions that Trump was neither a conservative or Republican. He is nothing. He has no active or passive ideological or philosophical positions besides insatiable greed. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Trump enabler at the beginning of the Republican Primaries tried to point to this fact, but his enabling behavior preceded him and by the time he got around to unmasking Trump, it was too late. He could not convince anybody to see Trump for the shallow con man he was.

We cannot know for sure if attacks on Trump’s business record would have worked in the Republican Primaries because nobody really made the effort. But opposition research on Trump is readily available. A simple Google search under keywords “Donald Trump” would have revealed the kind of man he is– shallow and some may argue, imbalanced.

But his opponents, did not do their due diligence and allowed the monster to grow, and it grew so big and came back to devour them. Now Trump has his own brigade, a troop of die-hard supporters who would never abandon him no matter how vile or outrageous his words and actions become– and he is one step away from the White House.

After a WAPO hot mic report moment Oct. 7 where Trump is heard admitting to sexually assaulting women by “grabbing their pussy” and getting away with it just because he is a “star.” Some Republicans leaders including Arizona Senator John McCain, are finally seeing the light and are falling all over themselves feigning outrage.

But Naaaah, too late guys. You cannot pretend that this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. There have been numerous warnings.

Republicans backed Trump through calling Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers. They, including McCain himself, looked away after Trump attacked McCain, a Prisoner of War (POW), saying he was not a hero because he was captured. Think about that for a minute. So in Trump’s mind all POW, who land in that predicament because they are fighting for us, are not heros?

They did not say much when Trump mocked a reporter with disability. GOP leaders stood there while Trump called for the ban of Muslim immigrants from coming to the US just because of their religion.

They didn’t do much when Trump claimed a judge who is presiding over a fraud case involving Trump University, was not qualified because of his Mexican ancestry. They did not say much when Trump attacked a Muslim Gold Star family. Republicans did not even raise a finger when Trump called on Russia to invade our cyber space and hack into Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton emails. And they have stood silently as Trump goes in rally after rally, mostly in front of white supporters, pretending to be reaching out to African Americans and describing the community in violent negative stereotypes.

There have been many chances for GOP leaders to show courage and they have passed on all opportunities.

How did we get here?

We got here because Republican leaders could not stand up to the extreme faction of their party such as the Tea Party movement. From the moment Obama became president, Republican leaders under pressure from the Tea Party adopted a non-negotiation stance and blocked everything Obama tried to accomplish. It worked out well for them as they won some midterm primaries. They made up lies about Obama that he was out to destroy the country. And he would take away their guns.

Fox News became an orgasmic vessel of disinformation against Obama and Clinton, a place of comfort where Republicans went to spread their lies about the economy, healthcare and even Obama himself.

Fox News host Sean Hannity did not pull any punches, he misinformed on Obamacare on almost every account. By the time they were done, they had created such a negative environment in Washington that it was impossible for the parties to work together. Everything Obama proposed, including some proposals Republicans held before, were opposed.

The same ire toward Obama has been transferred to Clinton. Republicans, for some very bizarre reason, seem incapable to even consider Clinton as a credible choice to be president despite their very bad option. They make mountains out of very little controversies surrounding Clinton. The Benghazi scandal for example, has been exhaustively investigated by a Republican-led committee and found no wrong-doing on the part of Clinton but they are still not satisfied. The Clinton email and private server scandals have also been investigated by the FBI and found Clinton did not break the law but Republicans cannot accept that outcome. They have made wild allegations against the Clinton Foundation, only to be burned by their hyperbole when it emerged that Clinton Foundation does great work globally and is a beacon of American charity around the world.

Ironically for every accusation against Clinton, there are much more and worse scandals against Trump Republicans are overlooking.

Trump scandals dates back to the 70s when he was accused of discrimination after his companies refused to rent apartments to black tenants. Trump University, a school owned by Trump that has been accused of defrauding its students after lying to them that by signing up they would learn some of Trump’s real estate development secrets. Trump companies have filed for bankruptcy 6 times and it was recently revealed that in his 1995 tax returns he lost almost $1 billion a prospect that could have allowed him to not pay taxes for almost two decades. There is Trump Foundation,  a charitable organization founded by Trump that has been served with a notice-of-violation ordering them to stop collecting donations by the New York Attorney General because it does not have proper authorization to operate.

Reports have also revealed that Trump sought to do business in Cuba while the Cuba-US embargo was still in force among many other scandals.

These are just a few examples but if you have time, here is a cheat sheet compiled by The Atlantic. 

There is one last opportunity for GOP leaders to redeem themselves to show courage and leadership.

They can decisively dump Trump and give their supporters clear direction that would ensure Trump does not win Nov 8.

This will be a big hard bitter pill to swallow, but with less than 5 weeks left before the election there are no pretty options.

They should endorse Clinton and start working toward 2020 elections.

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