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Supporters plan various forms of Protests in Philly at the DNC

Is Bernie planning to pull a Ted Cruz in DNC Speech?

There is something brewing and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ and his supporters are brewing it. Sanders will be holding a private closed-door meeting with his delegates Monday July 25, in Philly, just a few hours ahead of the Democratic convention and on the same day he is scheduled to speak at the DNC. It is not clear what his meeting will be about but according to Associated Press Sanders has promised “a special meeting” to his 1900 delegates. The meeting might just be a chit-chat of old buddies but it raises eyebrows when he says that while he is coming out to support Clinton, he is not dropping out of the race. What does that mean? Clearly, such cryptic messages are bound to confuse anyone and the delegates are confused about what the next steps will be according to Associated Press. The message is even more confusing especially because Sanders has not yet suspended his campaign and his website is still accepting donations. Some of Sanders’ delegates and supporters have been organizing by email and social media on how to respond slash protest at the DNC if the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and DNC do not make more concessions to support their agenda. Some delegates plan to engage the convention in amendment fights and there is talk of even interrupting Clinton’s acceptance speech. The tension escalated July 22nd, when DNC emails leaked by Wikileaks revealed that at least one person, identified as top DNC official, planned to undermine Sanders by questioning his faith in the following email.

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