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President Donald Trump Twitter attacks that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower is ludicrous. | Screengrab

After making baseless accusations against Former President Barack Obama, now the Trump White House is asking Congress to investigate whether Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

That accusation by President Trump is ludicrous and diminishes the office of the US president and undermines the presidential institution.

White House staff, Trump’s enablers and defenders of his every inane statement, tweet and action are defending him once again without any merit but asking the public to trust Trump, because he “has a good nose for these things.” Yeah, right. Just like he had a good nose for Trump University and he smelled saw thousands and thousands of people cheering in New Jersey in celebration of Sept. 11, 2000 attacks.

I don’t know how good a nose Trump has, but his track record of making claims does not inspire at all. In this case he did not smell anything. He just lashed out like a nutjob. He is clueless and he should not be taken seriously in any way shape and form. His presidency is nothing but a source of anxiety around the country because people are always nervous about his next crazy move.

One protester said it best, under Trump, it feels as if America is in a bus with a drunk driver.

If US Congress launches an investigation to prove or disprove President Donald Trump’s wild claims, it would go down in history as perhaps one of the most flagrant misuse of taxpayer funds. President Trump has proven himself to be a pathological liar and his lies are not worth the time for any investigation. Americans should not be subjected to the alternate universe Trump lives in over there at Trump Tower and the “so called” winter White House in Florida.

Let’s make this very clear. Trump is alleging the former president committed a felony. And he is making it very personal.

Note that Trump is not accusing the Obama White House or the Obama administration, he is accusing him personally. This is a continuation of the Trump vendetta against Obama. Imagine the image of Obama going to Trump Tower, dressed in overalls or something, sneaking past security or going through the special entrance reserved for people like Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to US. And BAAM! tapped the phones himself.

The lack of imagination in Trump’s libelous falsehood against Obama can only be topped by the fact that they originate from the mind of the behemoth of lies.

The burden should be on Trump to produce the evidence of his allegations or he needs to sit down and shut his mouth Twitter. What is wrong with this man? What kind of a 70-year-old behaves like this? Does he need a pacifier? It appears Trump is trying desperately to change the subject from Russia and he is stirring the his base using his get out of jail free Obama card.

It won’t work. It should not work.

Investigating this ludicrous allegation will send the wrong message to Trump, who has lied over and over about Obama and many other things. It will send the message that taxpayers will always have to foot the bill when Trump decides act like a petulant child or change unfavorable subject in the news such us suspicions of his campaign’s collusion with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. Giving any credence to anything Trump says at this point, after his many lies, alternative facts and erratic behavior is a personal insult to the intellect of any congressman or woman.

The media should also really stop falling for Trump’s distraction tactics. Entertaining Trump surrogates who attempt to justify or make sense of his lies only serves to further broadcast the alternate reality Trump is attempting to sell America. We have seen this movie before. As noted in Meet The Press by Chuck Todd, whenever Russia takes the center stage in the news, Trump always goes ninja and throws a smoke screen the size of Trump Tower and hopes that when he appears on the other side of the fog, an amnesia pandemic will have struck America and nobody would be able to spell Kremlin.

Instead of accusing Obama of things that don’t make sense, Trump should get busy and put to end every speculation about his association with Russia and come clean to the American public whether his campaign collaborated with our main adversary Russia. To facilitate this process, he should furnish us with the same transparency he expected from Obama when he pushed for him to release his birth certificate and release his full tax returns. He should also produce the audit letter, proving that he was in fact, under an audit and that is why he did not produce his tax returns during the election as tradition dictates.

Warning to our readers. Do not hold your breath for the audit letter, we’re not responsible if you suffocate yourself.

Below is an example of video of Trump lying contradicting himself over and over.


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