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Smug Frank Underwood character of wildly popular Netflix Show House of Cards. The show’s creator is not a fan of POTUS| Screen grab.

President Donald Trump over the weekend on Twitter accused former President Barack Obama of personally tapping his phones. He tried to make it smooth but he still misspelled the word “tap” as “tapp.” He did not show any evidence. Maybe the investigators he sent to Hawaii to find the birth certificate are still busy with that task. It appears Trump picked his views from right wing news outlets and commentators like… well, we’re not going to give them publicity here. Luckily every reasonable expert views the idea that Obama would wiretap Trump Tower as a ludicrous idea and the time is overdue for Trump to stop telling lies and saying foolish things.

And for the record, we are not fooled. Trump is making yet another attempt to deflect the news that his campaign may have colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 US presidential elections. The video below is just a reminder to Trump to pick one story about his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and stick with it.


In one of the most important tweets storms America will mostly likely ignore, House of Cards creator Beau Willimon made his case and asked Twitter to remove President Trump’s Twitter account for the sake of national security. His argument has hit a nerve. So far it has been retweeted more than 800 times and liked by nearly 2000 people. But his point is worth broadcasting for the sake of the survival and national cohesion. This is beyond party loyalty. This is about patriotism.

This behavior is very bizarre, it pushes the extreme voices into the mainstream, undermines the cohesion of our nation and creates anxiety in the country.  it’s time to really evaluate if Trump is mature enough to be have access to such a tool. Trump may get away with his antics and some people might describe him as mentally ill, but the truth is Trump is not crazy. Yes he talks and acts like a nut, but he is very much in control of his mental faculties he just cannot control his impulses to show himself as the alpha. Plus he is just not used to being held accountable and he appears to be lashing out whenever he does not get his way.

Willimon gave several reasons and we agree with all of them. And because Willimon, in his well thought-out and reasonable argument was limited to 140 characters on Twitter, we will help to build his case, add details, give examples and even attempt to recruit our readers for additional input in building a petition to remove the menace of Trump from Twitter. After all, when Trump is the subject we’re all experts.

Reason one for removing Trump from Twitter:

Trump is the only one person on Twitter who is President of the United States. That comes with a supreme and unique responsibility unlike any other user. It would be nice if Trump was just talking about his personal stuff, discussing Trump University and stuff like that. But because he is POTUS, his words carry a lot of weight. He could cause panic in the country and around the world. His recklessness could cause a war, affect our investments and impact every aspects of our lives in ways that we may not even be of aware yet. Willimon has made what appears to be an obvious point, but we need to really internalize that, what some may view as Trump being Trump or shaking things up, is not just that, he is breaking the core of our society, weakening our position of power around the globe in the name of being tough.

Reason two for removing Trump from Twitter:

What the President tweets has real and significant impact on the business of governance, world affairs and national security. This is serious. For Trump to use Twiiter as a way of disseminating US government policy just shows how incapable and ill prepared he is for the job. Such exposure is not consoling to the psyche of a nation. It causes anxiety and fear. Unlike other candidates who make simplified campaign promises to supporters and bring in teams of experts to help craft well thought-out policies, Trump seems incapable of distinguishing between campaigning and governing. He seems to think because he used Twitter to defeat his opponents, he can continue to use Twitter to silence his critics in the media and protesters on the streets. It doesn’t work like that.

Reason three for removing Trump from Twitter:

President Trump has consistently made misleading claims, attacked the judiciary and threatened sovereign states, the press and public. Trump has used Twitter in the most abusive way possible. He is like the bully with a big posse. He maligns people, makes false statements undermines American institutions antagonizes our allies and emboldens our enemies. He has no respect for traditions that have kept this safe and strong. The separation of powers, the importance of a free press and why the public needs to be confident their president is a person of integrity who will pursue national interests and not his own.

Reason four for removing Trump from Twitter:

His tweets recklessly bypass diplomatic channels without consultation from the State Department, IC or the Pentagon. There are protocols in place for a reason. Trump does not seem to give a damn about those protocols no matter the cost to the nation. He has no problem attacking member of the Intelligence Community who are sworn to protect He is on record as having yelled at the Australian Prime Minister, a key ally of the United States, while at the same time bending backwards to accommodate Russia, our biggest adversary. Trump’s tweets over the weekend appear to have caught his aides by surprise. Trump pronouncements about the relationship between China on Twitter are not just undiplomatic, they are maniacally reckless and dangerous. In a world where N. Korea is busy racing toward improving her nuclear capabilities, adding China on the list of enemies does not help our position one bit.

Reason five for removing Trump from Twitter:

Even as a private citizen it is arguable that he has violated Twitter rules regarding violent threats, harassment and hateful conduct. This is plain and simple, nobody should be subjected to online bullying and harassment let alone in the hands of the most powerful man in the world. While Twitter allows its members to speak freely and post their thoughts, the president of the United States should have the common sense to weigh his words carefully and show basic professionalism when communicating in public.

Reason six for removing Trump from Twitter:

Certainly in the unique position of POTUS the repercussions and intimations his tweets cross these lines: Trump is representing all of us as Americans. He cannot just go off on Twitter and say crazy stuff accusing the former president of a crime especially without any evidence and be allowed to get away with it. What Trump said about Obama screams libel and he should not be allowed to go off like a nut. If Trump cannot provide the evidence of his assertions, he should be censured.

Reason seven for removing Trump from Twitter:

Today’s outburst is broadcasting to foreign leaders his continuing impulsiveness, recklessness, delusion & ignorance about gov’t. That makes Trump’s tweets a national security threat. It emboldens our enemies to take advantage of his flagrant shortcomings. With his continued outbursts on Twitter, how can he be taken seriously in any forum? He wears his opinions on his sleeves

Reason seven for removing Trump from Twitter:

For those who would argue that the removal of his account is a violation of free speech, consider this. The WH has retaliated against the press by selectively locking them out, called them “the enemy of the people” and ignored hard questions. But with his behavior on this service, Trump makes the argument for himself being a liability to the people. Twitter in essence, has now become a tool for Trump to avoid American peoples’ accountability. He goes on Twitter to avoid scrutiny and distract any latest negative news about Russia, his slavish devotion to Putin and ongoing controversies engulfing his chaotic administration. Twitter is now an enabler of bad behavior perpetrated by an adult who is acting like a child, but with real-life serious adult responsibilities that far supersedes the role of any parent. Think of POTUS Trump as the father of 300 million dependents, who keeps exposing his children to meth, driving them to school drunk and involving them in gang fights.

Reason eight for removing Trump from Twitter:

The President is free to say whatever he wants, and has many of ways of doing so, but no private company owes him an outlet. While you cannot prevent the President from saying reckless things elsewhere, Twitter is not obligated to facilitate that here. In fact, with your (Twitter) worldwide reach and impact on the media, you have a duty to steer clear of accounts facilitating national security threats Twitter is amazing. It connects the world. That comes with its own responsibility: to do your part in protecting that world.

Amen to that!


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