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New Jersy Gov., a Trump supporter attended a summit with the Clinton Global Initiative in 2012 to drum up support for his State when Hurrican Sandy Hit | Reuters

New Jersey Gov., Chris Christie, a Trump supporter attended a summit hosted by President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2012 to drum up support for his State when Hurricane Sandy Hit | JOHN GRESS/REUTERS

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was absolutely right in his speech at the Democratic National Congress when he said the richest thing about the republican nominee, Donald Trump, is his hypocrisy. Trump who many consider a con man, a man who with a trail of numerous litigation pending for various legal disputes including some bordering on fraud such as the Trump University case has suddenly discovered a moral vein in his body that tells his brain there is something evil about The Clinton Foundation. Here is a man who had to be shamed into giving donations to veterans after holding a public fundraiser simultaneously with a GOP debate he skipped for fear of tough questioning by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. A presidential candidate, who has broken with long-standing transparency tradition and refused to release his tax returns for reasons that don’t make much sense to experts and many have speculated is geared toward hiding damaging information, is now attacking The Clinton Foundation, a global charitable organization that has helped millions of people to fight poverty and disease around the world.

For Trump to have any credibility to question the integrity of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, he should be willing to open himself up the same scrutiny as every presidential candidate in the modern era. Tell everyone why he has shipped so many American jobs to many countries and why he is not doing all his manufacturing in the US. While at it, he should also release his full medical records instead of the shady-looking typo-filled unprofessional letter from, Dr. Jacob Bornstein, a gastroenterologist, a specialist for the functions of the stomach and instestinal ailments. We need to understand, if we should worry about his health because Bornstein described his test results as “Mr Trump has had a recent complete medical examination that showed only positive results.” Any medical person knows in medicine, positive results is not a good thing. Yes, Trump has a lot of homework and he needs to get to it instead of bothering with The Clinton Foundation, an organization that he has donated to himself.

The Clinton Foundation is a symbol of American charity in the world and one of the most effective charitable organization in the world. As noted by Clinton in a CNN Interview, it is transparent and all its reports such as tax filings and annual financial reports and some donor information are listed on its website, information that Trump has refused to make public. Through The Clinton Health Access Initiative, The Foundation has increased access to HIV medication from 200,000 in the year 2000 to more than 11 million people around the globe. The foundation collaborates with people around the world to fight diseases such as malaria by helping to increase donor funding from $150 in 2000 to over $1billion in 2010. This funding has brought more access to medicine to fight malaria and shifted the fight against malaria from a control effort to an eradication of malaria campaign across many countries. Unlike Trump who makes huge promises without any plan to back up his assertions, The Clinton Foundation programs are well designed, have clear goals and give regular progress reports on every effort.

In the US, the foundation is fighting obesity through health school programs and is heavily involved in the fight against drug abuse. The Foundation has set a goal of cutting the prescription drug abuse deaths by half in the next five years, which they estimate would save approximately 10,000 lives. According to The National Institute of Drug Abuse latest report available, approximately 25,000 people died from prescription drug overdose in 2014.

Overdose DeathsSeveral news organizations have called on the Clinton Foundation to shut down to avoid the controversy and appearance of conflict of interest implied by emails released that showed donors received access to Clinton when she was Secretary of State. There is, however, no evidence of wrongdoing or pay-to-play policy by Clinton or her husband. While the calls to shutdown are reasonable from a political perspective, the reality is such a move would have a catastrophic effect on the people around the world who rely on the good offered by the Clinton Foundation. The negative coverage does no justice to the Foundation by creating an impression that donors of the Clinton Foundation, who include Melinda Gates, had nefarious reasons to visit with Clinton while she was Secretary of State. Such assertions give room for opportunists and hypocrites like Trump, himself a donor to the Clinton Foundation he now calls “the most corrupt enterprise in political history,” to feign righteous indignation for pure political gain.

The truth is The Clinton Foundation is a one of the best charitable organizations in the world. It has an A-Grade rating from Charity Watch, the highest rating by the organization and all the obsession about it are based on a concerted effort to dig dirt that does not exist. Objective observers have noted that all the noise from Trump and his minions are nothing but baseless innuendo.

There is no scandal at The Clinton Foundation that is why business and political leaders from both parties have always played part in it’s activities over the years. There was nothing inappropriate from the meeting of Secretary of State Clinton and the donors, such meetings happen all the time in Washington. And the fact that emails show a connection between the Foundation and State Department proves nothing illegal and unless Trump has evidence of illegal activities, he should be be quiet or face humiliation similar to the one he faced from his fake investigation into President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

The Clinton Foundation is a force of good worth fighting for.

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