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Former President Barack Obama must be smiling proudly at the sight of townhalls erupting in opposition of President Donald Trump and the Republican agenda, specifically their call to repeal and replace Obamacare. The Republican lies and hypocrisy about Obamacare are finally catching up with them and meeting the reality of just how much people who have Obamacare love it. Republicans are guilty of believing their own hype that Obamacare is broken and expensive and unsustainable, and while all these are possible negative outcomes of 7 years of Republican sabotage of ACA, a lot of their constituents, in the very red states and districts they represent and letting them know — hand-off my healthcare.

Bitter Obama critic, Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton, experienced the ire of his constituents, who heckled him throughout his town hall appearance at Springdale, Wednesday on key subjects ranging from his support for Trump, Obamacare and Trump’s missing tax returns.

In one epic exchange, one of his constituents passionately told him the impact of Obamacare in her life and her family saying it save her and her family’s lives.

“I can tell you that three members of my family, including me, that would be dead, and homeless if it were not for ACA,” the woman said with raw emotion amid fired-up cheers from the audience of about 2000 people in the hall.

She was just getting warmed up,

“I can tell you since 1991 our health insurance woes, and I’m not gonna do that,” she continued. “My husband has Alzheimer’s, Dementia plus multiple, multiple other things, and you wanna stand there with him at home, and expect us to be calm, cool and collected.”

And with the compelling oratory skills of a natural public speaker, compete with smooth and well-coordinated hand gestures to drive home her point, she unleashed the most vicious attack, ripping bare Cotton’s hypocrisy about his effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“Well, what kind of insurance do you have?” The crowd erupted in spontaneous cheer, with Cotton standing there like a pinata, awaiting more hits.

She was not done.

“Now, now, Mr. Senator Cotton,” she said, her voice a mix of raw emotion, bitterness and serious sarcasm. “We’re going Medicare my way, not your way, my way. I got a husband dying… Let me tell you something, if you can get us better coverage than this go for it.”

And this is where she busted open the Republicans’ lie that premiums are out-of-control for Obamacare and nobody can afford it.

“Let me tell you what we have, plus a lot of benefits we need. We have $29 per month for my husband, can you beat that? Can you? With all the congestive heart failure and open heart surgery… we are charged $29 per month and he is a hard worker. Now, $39 for me,” she said.

Then she leaned in and went after Cotton for his lack of representation despite her sending him multiple invitations to visit her at home and witness their suffering and how Obamacare has helped them.

“Here is my question, I have sent you one message after the other sir, about our family. And you know where we live?” she continued. “I don’t live two hours from here, I live down the road, a few places from your office. And I have invited you into our home and not a word from you except for a classic, regular letter sent.”

And then she shamed Cotton into submission, making him look small and aloof at the same time.

“Will you come to my family’s home, I promise it will be safe, and sit down with the three of us and hear to our stories from 1991 till now?” And with that she gave up the microphone and sat down amid raucous applause.

Cotton took the mic, looking deflated and went straight to Washington speak that many people have learned to hate about politicians.

“So maam, I’ll be happy to meet with you and hear more about your story, we got staff here,” Cotton said.

It’s unclear why Cotton had to bring in his staff into the picture, a statement that appeared removed from his constituents, who would like for him to speak to them directly instead of deploying staff to mediate their conversation. While it’s expected that a Senator would need to arrange his schedule to meet with people, saying that to a constituent, who has attempted multiple times to meet with him was just tone deaf. It showed just how out of touch Cotton is and why he cannot be trusted to make a value judgement of the healthcare needs of his constituents.

Things did not get better for Cotton. In another question, a constituent challenged Cotton, a self-proclaimed Christian, if he was making the right decisions for school kids while he is supporting the policies of a man “who wants to grab women by the pussy.”

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