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US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, then CEO of Exxonmobil receives Order of Friendship award from Russian President Vladimir Putin. | Screengrab.

Revelations that FBI has been investigating President Donald Trump’s campaign for collusion with Russia while they interfered with the 2016 presidential election since July 2016, calls for all Americans to demand the truth from the Trump administration. This should start with all members of the Trump administration cutting any existing ties with Russia until investigation concludes.

And as Secretary of State, US top diplomat and the most visible member of the Trump cabinet, Rex Tillerson should take the lead.

Because it’s extremely unlikely that Trump would do the right thing for America, his Secretary of State should. Tillerson can demonstrate his commitment for America and his patriotism by returning the Order of Friendship medal he received from Russian President Vladimir Putin while he was serving as CEO of ExxonMobil. Afterall, he is no longer a businessman representing big oil he is representing all of us and he should not let the insult stand.

News that Tillerson is planning to skip a meeting with our NATO allies and visit Russia instead should be put on hold and he be compelled to attend the NATO meeting and mend the fence Trump has systematically torn down with his frequent ignorant and juvenile attacks on NATO.

The fact that Russia hacked into the 2016 US presidential elections is a stark reminder that Russia is not our friend and it’s time for Trump and his administration to acknowledge that fact and respond accordingly, with sanctions, isolation and in-kind retaliation. Enough with kissing-up to Russia and the lies from Trump and the White House. Enough with pretending the Trump administration is a champion for the little guy, who was manipulated by a flurry of fake news and Russian propaganda to vote for the least qualified person to become president.

This is time for action.

Putting America first.

Of course nobody expects Trump, the sole beneficiary of Russia’s cyber attacks, to do anything. But the public should demand for him to act and show Russia once and for all that we’re not going to allow them, or any foreign country to meddle in our politics. Anything short of that will be a betrayal of our national pride and interpreted as weak and inadequate and will only invite more attacks.

The most ideal thing to do is for Trump to resign, but we all know that would never happen, the man has no sense of duty, propriety or sacrifice. He will, whine and complain that anybody calling for his resignation is being unfair to him and lash out with another unhinged tweet.

By returning that medal, Tillerson will send a clear signal to Putin, America and the world that he is indeed working for America and not pursuing nefarious goals to benefit his buddy Putin.

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