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President Trump? Make China Great Again!

Fresno protesters say it in the shirt

Fresno protesters say it in the shirt

Many doubted this could happen, but now there is a 50 percent chance that President Barack Obama could be replaced by his worst nemesis, Donald J. Trump. I will let that sink for a minute. Trump, for those who were living under a rock and did not know what was going on, is the chief birther, the face of the ugly movement that questioned whether Obama was an American. Trump and his birther allies, Orly Taitz and other sad creatures of hate, claimed Obama was a Kenyan, my native country and Obama’s father’s native country. But Trump did not just go after Obama’s citizenship, he went further than that, he questioned if Obama was as intelligent as his education background suggested. He asked for his college transcripts and wondered loudly how Obama made it into Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Columbia. For the record, I’m not aware of Trump asking for anybody else’s transcripts. Critics have argued that Trump’s doubt about Obama’s academic qualifications and based on his racist views that black people are not smart.

Trump’s racist tendencies are well documented, the Silent Majority Supports Trump sign-waving supporters and his unpredictability makes the prospect of his rise to the presidency a very worrisome prospect to many. His incredible pledges to build a wall in the border between US and Mexico and banning Muslims from coming to America are masterfully crafted to appeal to those who are just looking for an excuse to support a racist candidate. Surely nobody in their sane mind believes Mexican immigrants can be described as rapists or drug dealers. And you have to be very myopic to believe that shutting Muslims out of America makes the country safer from terrorists. Trump says he would bring back the jobs, “I would be the best jobs president God ever created,” he says, yet his ties and many other products are made in China and several other low-wage countries. Trump is a shameless liar and hypocrite. You can call him a hypocrite on steroids, he rails against America losing jobs to foreign companies, yet he profits from foreign labor. A Washington Post article noted that “the website selling Ivanka Trump’s merchandise line links to 838 products — 628 of them imported. Of those, 354 are from China, a country that Donald Trump often says takes advantage of the large U.S. trade deficit.”

Trump argues that his practices are merely those of a businessman taking advantage of the prevailing business rules, but his explanation does not pass the stink test. Trump’s hypocrisy is baffling, he calls Hillary Clinton crooked because of her ongoing email scandal, yet he is currently being sued for defrauding students through Trump University. The rise of Trump has baffled many, but a deep look at his rise can be credited to the supporters stemming from nationalist movements, the euphemism for white supremacist movement, who have brought in new voters into the Republican primaries. A mix of Trump’s unapologetic style and his blatant attacks on Obama, the first black president, has made him the obvious choice for voters who are not comfortable with America having a black president. But despite the votes, Trump is hardly anything close to what an American president should be. He is erratic in his mannerisms, he is condescending to minorities and his rhetoric against Muslims is very dangerous especially toward American forces serving in the Middle East where they partner with Muslims to fight terrorist groups such as ISIS.


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