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After her slug-fest with former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Fox News host Megyn Kelly has received praise as having the better end of the argument and that Gingrich was mean and misogynistic to her. Well, I cannot defend Gingrich, his logic in defending the repugnant Republican nominee Donald Trump one day and then throwing him under the bus the next day is of dizzying contradiction. By now if you think Gingrich and former New York Mayor are about putting America first, you are in a bad wet dream and you need to snap out of it pronto.

My concern here is Kelly and how suddenly she is being treated as some kind of a folk hero, a stand-up journalist who is not scared of taking on the high and mighty. After all he took on Trump on a Republican primary debate and making Trump to burn several news cycles calling her juvenile names in the true crude Trump fashion “she had blood coming out of her whatever” comment.

Kelly, host of the self-titled show Kelly File is no hero. She is just another Fox News commentator who has played a major role in creating the toxic political environment of fear and racial animosity we have now. It is in Kelly File where the phony 2008 story about Black Panther members intimidating voters in a Philadelphia polling station originated from. Kelly beat that story to death. She made it look as if Democrats and Department of Justice DOJ were encouraging Black Panther members to intimidate white voters. She used this fake story to smear former Attorney General Eric Holder implying on several shows that DOJ was protecting them. In the end, Kelly succeeded in creating fear among white Americans that black people in the form of Black Panthers were out to get them. Kelly’s 2008 pseudo-attacks are now being used by the Trump campaign to justify their paranoia about voter fraud.

Kelly regularly smears Obama with baseless innuendo rife in far right circles. Her coverage of Black Lives Matter Movement has been simplistic and ridiculous and seemed more geared toward defending police over black victims. In one video, Kelly had the audacity to suggest that police officers should be given latitude to make mistakes but she did not seem to think black victims deserved the benefit of the doubt.

Megyn Kelly may be getting sympathy for all the pain she is suffering in the hands of the likes of Trump and Gingrich, but her history of fueling inflammatory stories against minorities as documented here makes it very difficult to empathize with her. She is getting burned by the fire she helped to create.



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