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President Barack Obama with his half-brother Malik

President Barack Obama poses for a photo with his back-stabbing half-brother Malik during a visit in the Oval Office | Nation Media

Malik Obama, half-brother to President Barack Obama, will be Republican nominee Donald Trump’s guest in the third and final presidential debate according to multiple news sources. The older Obama, 3-years senior to the president, has chosen to align himself with a bigot, one of the most hateful candidate ever to run for the US presidency. The thought that Malik, a Muslim, would align himself with a person who has repeatedly called for unfavorable actions toward Muslims is just foolish.

According to an interview with The Nation, Kenya’s mainstream newspaper, Malik said he supports Trump because he is a visionary and “a down-to-earth” person. Really, has this guy ever listened to Trump?

According to The Nation, Malik is not a fan of President Obama and it seems his views comes from a selfish African kinship expectation that a rich sibling has the responsibility of helping the less fortunate ones and failure to do so makes them a bad person. He fails to understand while President Obama’s father was Kenyan, he was born and raised with American values of individuality and personal drive.

Malik is not that sophisticated.

“President Obama is my brother and I love him, but he is a hypocrite because he has neglected his African heritage and wants nothing to do with it despite campaigning on a platform that he will help transform Africa,” said Malik according The Nation report.

Unless Malik has been living under a rock for the last 8 years President Obama has done a lot to help Africa. From bringing visibility by his African roots to changing discriminatory policies against Africa in a global platform, modeling leadership among other accomplishments. Malik does not seem to understand how the US presidency works. He is either blinded or oblivious to the opposition President Obama faced in the hands of a petulant and vindictive GOP that has blocked his every initiative.

There is no doubt, Malik is dumb and him and Trump deserve each other. No smart person would call Trump a “down-to-earth” person.

You have to wonder what has attracted Malik to Trump. Is it the video of Trump boasting of grabbing women by their pussy? Or his assertion that illegal immigrants from Mexico are rapists and murderers? Maybe he loves the fact that Trump swindles people through Trump University or telling blacks they live in deplorable conditions worse than war zones like Afghanistan. Malik may also be in love with the fact that Trump companies have filed for bankruptcy at least 6 times, stiffing small businesses who provided him good and services or how Trump treated his brother through the racist birther attacks. Maybe Malik likes how Trump discriminated on blacks by refusing to rent apartments to them or how he purchased a full-page ad calling for the execution of The Central Park Five, a group of five black teenagers wrongfully convicted of raping a woman in New York City.

Is Malik not aware of these things? Or, him, just like many Trump supporters just don’t care? Does Malik consider Trump, President Obama’s intellectual or moral peer? If that is the case, he is a what in Kiswahili people call Mjinga Kabisa, dumber than anyone can ever imagine.

Malik can make up all kinds of excuses to support Trump, but Trump himself will disprove him any day by his actions. All he has to do is open his eyes and ears. But it’s clear, Malik does not support Trump because of his policies or great ideas. Trump does not have any coherent ideas. Malik is driven by deep sibling jealousy toward his younger more accomplished brother. He is mad because President Obama did not help his political ambitions and his name-dropping has not increased his stature in Kenya where he tried for elected office and lost.

He has shown his malice before by selling private letters from Obama to US tabloids, a serious act of betrayal.

According to Page Six quote,  Malik expected a lot from his recent White House but he did not get what he expected. “I paid a courtesy call,” he said. “But it wasn’t a very warm and loving reception. As usual, it was a hands-off kind of thing, very businesslike, very formal.”

What did he expect? A red carpet welcome complete with 21-gun salute with a ride in the beast for a rogue brother who is constantly acting like a fool? A short-sighted man whose only claim to fame is being the US president’s half-brother? Does he think Trump will welcome him and make him part of his quest of Making America Great Again? Does he even understand Trump means when he says Make America Great Again? He will just be used and dumped like he deserves. His fifteen minutes of fame, oh, 90 minutes of fame in Vegas, will be just that. He will walk into that debate hall irrelevant and come out of it even more irrelevant because as things stand, Trump will not be president and conservatives will never embrace him.

Malik is yet another example of a very dumb African brother. Only this time, he is the dumb brother of a very smart man, a man who has accomplished something so amazing history books will forever sing his praises.

There is an Kenyan proverb, “Macho ya chura, haizuii ng’ombe kunywa maji.” Meaning: the stern stare of a frog, cannot stop a cow from drinking water from the river. Likewise, his flowing jealously will never change the fact that President Obama was elected twice and Clinton will most likely defeat Trump Nov 8th. This will give Trump and Malik another thing in common, both will have been rejected by voters.

Malik should get off the stage.

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  1. Nice one, love the analysis.

  2. Kristina Masawa says:

    Annoying,Sad,annoying,sad…,,. Hii ni Ushamba of the highest order! Apuodho’ busy burning bridges

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