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President-elect is being dogged by ties with Russia.

This article has been updated.

Wall Street Journal has identified Christopher Steele, an ex-British intelligence officer as the author of the explosive dossier on Trump.

In another development, according to The Guardian, Arizona Sen. John McCain admitted to have passed on the information to FBI Director James Comey last month. He claimed he did so as a concerned citizen, The Guardian reported.

The unconfirmed dossier made available to BuzzFeedNews by a person who claims to be a former British intelligence official details how Russia may be in possession of salacious information about President-elect Donald Trump. The report also alleges that Trump campaign may have colluded with Russian intelligence forces to undermine his opponent Hillary Clinton and win the US presidential election.

The report titled US Presidential election: Republican candidate Donald Trump’s activities in Russia and compromising relationship  details how Russia collected compromising information about Trump that they could use to blackmail him.

In one of the most bizarre passages in the report, Trump is reported to hired prostitutes and watched them perform a “golden shower” an act where they urinated and performed sexual acts in the Ritz Carlton Hotel hotel presidential suite to defile a bed that was used by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama while on an official trip in Moscow. According to the dossier, the event was recorded by Russian intelligence forces.

The report alleges that Trump paid bribes and engaged in sexual activities in St. Petersburg but key witnesses are “silenced” and evidence may be hard to obtain.

The report also details cooperation between Trump campaign and Kremlin, naming contacts between Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and Carter Page, who was also linked to the campaign and intermediaries between the two sides. The report, which identifies Page as Trump campaign adviser, states Page met with senior officials in Kremlin discussed lifting of Western economic sanctions against Russia and deepening US-Russia bilateral relationship in the energy sector.

According to the report, Russian operatives and Trump campaign targeted Bernie Sanders’ supporters to sow disaffection against Hillary Clinton with a goal to turn them to Trump as a protest against the establishment represented by Clinton.

A Kremlin insider reports that Trump’s lawyer identified as Michael Cohen, held clandestine meetings with Kremlin officials in August 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. Cohen is identified by the report as the secret liaison between Trump and Russian leadership. The report notes that Cohen is important because his wife is of Russian descent and her father is a leading property developer in Moscow.

The report alleges that Kremlin and the Trump campaign had arrangements to process cash payments to operatives in untraceable channels that would make them deniable. It alleges that both Russia and the Trump campaign had Romanian anti-Clinton hackers on their payroll.

In a tweet, Trump has called the report fake news and a total political witch hunt.

Read the full 35-page document here.

CNN, NY Daily News are among other news organizations who have reported on the document.

Update: in a news conference Wednesday, Trump said the contents of the dossier are untrue and lashed out at CNN, BuzzFeedNews for publishing the information. He also blamed some in the US intelligence community for leaking it to the media.

Trump did not answer a question whether his campaign has colluded with Russia and Russian operatives.

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