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Trump mocking NY Times Reporter Serge-Kovaleski

Trump mocking NY Times Reporter Serge-Kovaleski

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination has exposed a serious double standard that exists between men and women seeking higher office. The level of false equivalency attributed to Clinton is shocking compared to her rival Republican nominee Donald Trump.

It is ironic that polls show people trust Trump more than Clinton, yet according to Politifact Trump is by a wide margin extremely untrustworthy. Out of 297 total fact checks on Trump, only 45 were were rated true and mostly, 200 were rated mostly false to pants on fire false. In comparison, out of 190 fact checks on Clinton, 100 were rated true and mostly true with 47 rated mostly false to pants on fire false. Drilling down, Trump has 51 fact checks that have been rated at pants on fire false while Clinton has only 5.

To put this in context Trump lies 70 percent of times compared to Clinton 24 percent. Why is it then that Clinton is perceived to be more untrustworthy? The answer is the email controversy and how the media have covered the non-scandal as the worst thing that has every happened and how FBI Director David Comey inserted himself into the process 10 days before the election. According to the latest ABC/ Washington Post Tracking Poll, Trump is leading Clinton 46 to 38 percent among likely voters on the question of honesty and trustworthiness.

Clearly this poll does not reflect the reality. While Clinton has not done herself favors with the email and home-brew server controversies, she is by far, in reality the sane and more honest candidate and the margin is not even close. Trump, who calls Clinton crooked, appears from his record of shady business dealings, such as Trump University, Trump Foundation and lack of paying federal income taxes to be the crooked and corrupt candidate.

On issue after issue where Clinton has been criticized, there seems to be a bigger issue that Trump is getting away with are are just a few examples.

Trump and the media have criticized Clinton Foundation for shady dealings, but the Clinton Foundation is one of the highest rated foundations that helps people around the world and in contrast the Trump Foundation has been fined by IRS for suspicious political donations and self dealing. In fact, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, sent a letter ordering the Trump Foundation to cease raising money in New York for failure to properly register with the States Charities Bureau and failure to produce annual financial reports.

Trump has accused Clinton of attacking women who had affairs with her husband Bill and even brought up a woman who alleges Bill raped her. Ironically, Trump is currently being sued by a woman who claims Trump raped her when she was 13. Attorney Lisa Bloom representing the woman anonymously known as “Jane Doe” was forced to cancel a press conference with the woman saying she has received threats and her law firms website was hacked blocking her livestream press conference.

In a hot mic video recording, Trump confessed to be a sexual predator saying that because he is a star, he can do anything he wants to women including “grabbing them by the pussy.” There is nothing Clinton has done that comes close to this.

Trump is a bully, Nov 2, Trump singled out MSNBC reporter Katy Tur for public ridicule implying she is a dishonest reporter who does not report that truth about Trump supporters as a movement. he has attacked the women who have come forward to state that he has sexually assaulted him. He has attacked a Gold Star Mother because her husband dared to criticize him and he has attacked a beauty pageant winner because of her looks. Clinton works to bring people together and is always seeking ways to help.

Trump has no compassion, in his book, The Making of Donald Trump, David Cay Johnston states that Trump has two mottos, “always get even” and “hit back harder than you were hit.” Johnston recounts how Trump applied his mottos to his sickly nephew William who developed cerebral palsy after a family inheritance dispute resulted to a lawsuit contesting Trump’s father Fred will. Trump reaction to his own blood relative shows he is a man incapable of showing compassion, an important trait necessary for a president.

Trump has also mocked a reporter with disability. Clinton has never shown such ugly personality.

Trump promotes racism, before officially starting his presidential bid, Trump questioned President Barack Obama’s citizenship, demanding him to produce his birth certificate and giving a loud voice to the fringe birther movement. During the launch of his presidential bid, he singled out undocumented Mexican immigrants and called them rapists and murderers. He questioned the validity of a judge presiding over Trump University fraud case saying he would be biased against him because he is of Mexican heritage. Trump also stalled in criticizing David Duke, former KKK grand wizard pretending not to know who he was. He has attacked Muslims painting them with a broad brush as terrorists and proposing policies that would single them out as second-class citizens. Clinton seeks to bring people together and always proposes practical ideas to solve problems in the Middle East.

Trump is a pathological liar. Appearing on CNN Reliable Sources, Carl Bernstein called Trump a conman and questioned his stability. On a separate occasion Bernstein said Trump has shown himself as a pathological liar and a sham businessman. There are many examples of Trumps lies here are just 10 compiled by Politifact.

Trump seems to collude with Russia, our biggest enemy. It is ironic that Russian-linked cyber terrorists have only targeted Clinton’s and Democratic Party organizations’ emails and somehow Trump and Republicans have been spared. Are Republicans so boring that Russians are not interested in their emails? This one-sided cyber attacks are suspicious and it appears, Trump is being used by the Russians to disrupt US democratic elections. Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald noted one story where Trump used one of WikiLeaks stories peddled by Sputnik, a Russian-linked news website to argue Clinton lied about Benghazi. The only problem about the story was the quote attributed to Clinton’s confidante Sidney Blumenthal was actual fake and had been doctored to make Clinton look bad. The original quote actually came from Eichenwald.

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