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Don’t pass any President Donald Trump’s agenda until he releases his tax returns and is cleared by FBI.

A message to all Democratic leaders and patriotic Republican leaders who have not yet sacrificed the country at the feet of President Donald Trump. Do not support the Trump agenda in any way shape or form until the dark cloud hanging over him from the FBI investigation about collusion or collaboration with Russia is cleared.

This should not be difficult for Republicans to follow because after all, during the 2016 presidential elections, Republicans, including Trump himself, went on record that Americans should not elect Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton because she was under FBI investigation.

Let’s face it, just two months into his administration, Trump could be the most corrupt US president in modern history. The Huffington Post has done a great piece about Trump’s business entanglements and conflicts of interest.

The truth is Trump is not a winner, he is a pathological liar, a conman or as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg aptly described him, “a faker” and that is why he should not be allowed to play Russian roulette with our lives and change our policies to enrich himself and his buddies and appease Russia.

Imagine you’re a hard working middle class American and one day you wake up to the reality that Trump has taken away your healthcare, sold your student loans to the sharks in the predatory debt collection companies who are calling you at work and threatening to charge you a 16 percent interest on your loans. You can no longer talk freely with your neighbors because they’re suspicious that you could report them to ICE because they are Mexican or report them to FBI as terrorist sympathisers because they’re Muslims.

Imagine that his ICE agents invade your neighbor’s home and deports your best friend’s mother, a hardworking lady who sells tamales to put food on the table and has raised amazing kids, who are your friends. Imagine he appoints a judge to a lifetime position in the Supreme Court, who goes ahead and votes to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Imagine that he has signed a budget that has taken away crucial support to the needy, such as meals-on-wheels and has loosened environmental standards and allows companies to dump toxic waste near your water sources.

Imagine Trump, with his feigned bravado, starts a war with North Korea and sends thousands of troops there including your brother and that is on top of sending thousands of troops to Syria to play sidekick to Russia in fighting ISIS. While he is committing American lives in battle field, he rattles off insults in his usual thoughtless manner and upsets our NATO allies with his foolish tweets leading them to turn their backs on us.

Now imagine amid all that disruption and damage to your life, his tax returns are leaked and you find out that contrary to his numerous denials that he has no connection with Russia, he did in fact have vast ties with Russia. And all his actions so far can be linked to him reaping massive profits. A week after that, the FBI reveals findings from their long investigation and indicts him and his campaign for colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 presidential election?

Can you imagine that? You have lost everything because of a man who should have never had been president in the first place.

You can imagine the pandemonium from Democrats to impeach, Congresswoman Maxine Waters would go ballistic. With cowardly Republicans, who enabled Trump all along, distancing themselves, tepidly supporting impeachment and suddenly rediscovering their patriotism. The sad part is, at that time, Trump’s impeachment would not make you whole, the damage would have been done. You’d have lost everything you hold dear, our allies in the world have abandoned us and our nation would be in chaotic instability with citizens turning on each other by race and religion. Attacks on North Korea would be consuming the country in an expensive and bitter never-ending war that would have unleashed an unbelievable refugee crisis in the region and the whole world would be looking at us wondering WTF!

There is too much negative news surrounding Trump. He is causing anxiety in the country and around the world with his pathological lies and erratic behavior. Controversies surrounding him calls for a slowing down or freezing of his agenda until we figure out, to quote Trump “what the hell is going on.”

These are the demands every Democrat and good-conscience Republicans should have for Trump.

According to polls, 74 percent of Americans want Trump to produce his tax returns, so unless President Trump produces his full tax returns for our scrutiny, fully divests from his businesses, and is cleared by the FBI of any wrongdoing in colluding with Russia to steal interfere with the 2016 presidential election, he should not be allowed to conduct any business as President of the United States. We cannot trust if he is working for us or enriching himself or succumbing to Russian blackmail.

Democrats and Republicans of good conscience should not meet with him or proceed with the confirmation process for any of his nominees, especially Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Any Trump agenda should be stalled or frozen. His healthcare bill should be frozen and he be forced to come clean and prove to Americans that he is not an agent of Russia.

Why such drastic actions, you may ask.

Simple. Unlike Trump, all past presidents in recent memory were men of high integrity, who could be trusted and whose patriotism was not in question. Trump on the other hand is petty, clueless and is a pathological liar whose loyalty to the country is in question owing to his extreme selfishness and shady ties with Russia. We cannot hinge our future to somebody like that without a stringent form of verification to ensure his actions are not for his benefit at our expense.

Anybody who thinks Trump won the 2016 presidential election fair and square is either living in an alternate universe or is still wearing a red Make America Great Again hat. Let’s be clear, Trump did not win fair and square, he got a lot of help from Russia using their massive cyber warfare against the United States, that should frankly be considered an act of war, to undermine Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. If that doesn’t matter to you because you did not care for Clinton, ask yourself, what did he have to give the Russians in exchange of the service?

All indicators show a lot of links between the Trump campaign and Russia. For example, Trump reluctantly fired his former National Security Adviser General Mike Flynn after it emerged that he had discussed sanctions with Russian Ambassador to US Sergey Kislyak undermining former President Barack Obama and US policy toward Russia. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse himself from participating in any investigations involving the Trump campaign and Russia after he failed to disclose in his confirmation hearing that he had spoken with the same ambassador in multiple occassions. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is linked to pro-Russian Ukraine faction and is reported to have received off-the-books payments from former pro-Russian Ukrainian president. And the Trump campaign changed softened the Republican platform during the Republican National Convention and inserted language that favored Russia after their invasion of Ukraine.

But it gets better or worse depending on who you are. According to a dossier allegedly authored by a British spy, Russia had been “cultivating” Trump for more than 5 years. For the record Trump has denied any connection with Russia calling it fake news, but he has contradicted himself multiple times and several reports indicates that some part of the dossier have been verified or corroborated. If this is the case, then it begs the question whether Trump is his own man or as Clinton described him on one of their debates “a puppet” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In one of the most telling sections of the dossier, page 8 gives us an idea of the kind of quid-pro-quo between Russians and the Trump campaign and alleges Trump had full knowledge of what was going on.

The reason for using WikiLeaks was plausible deniability. And the operation had been done with the full knowledge and support of Trump and senior members of his campaign team. In return the Trump team had agreed to sideline Russian intervention in Ukraine as a campaign issue and to raise US / NATO defense commitments in the Baltics and eastern Europe to deflect away from Ukraine, a priority for Putin who needed to cauterize the subject.

This is America, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Even Trump, despite his character flaws and lies is accorded this benefit of the doubt. We have no way to know if he is guilty or not, but the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming on the guilty side. It’s only prudent now to put his entire agenda on hold until we find out definitively if he is guilty or not.

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