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Trump looks like he is having a bad night.

Trump will not have a good night, but he will pretend he is not a loser and go about life telling his gullible supporters that all polls show that he won by a landslide.

In the final debate, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, should improvise and follow a mishmash strategy where she puts forward her message and reminding voters that her opponent is a mix of incompetent, crazy and heartless. She should come in prepared for Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, to pull another stunt. Maybe this time as he has threatened, he’d invite Malik Obama, the irrelevant half-brother to President Barack Obama. But Clinton should not worry about that. Desperate people, like Trump and Malik, do desperate things. Ironically in the case of Malik, he is trying to be somebody outside his brother’s shadow, when in effect he is, in fact, somebody because of his brother the president and he will never be anything more than President Obama’s dumb half brother.

That is the quality of debate we expect from Trump, a juvenile mind game that would not faze even the president of Togo. This debate comes after Trump called for himself and Clinton to be drug tested before the debate. Seriously he did, here is the video. If you think this is stuff from pre-school, you are on the right track. In fact, if Clinton decided not to show up for the last debate because she does not want to debate a 9-year-old in the form of a 70-year old man, nobody would blame her.

A debate between Clinton and Trump does not bring any insight and give undecided voters any more information to make their decision. At this point, anybody who is undecided is either lying or not very smart. Many people would not have problems in deciding between a candidate pushing bigotry and another who’s greatest sin is hiding her emails from public scrutiny. This debate will be like watching a sane person trying to reason with an insane person, while a neutral party, the moderator Chris Wallace from Fox News, pretending the insane person is sane and deserves same treatment as the sane person on stage. Wallace, in an effort to appear fair and balanced, would achieve none of these goals, instead, he will ask both candidates legitimate questions expected in a presidential debate, but one candidate will answer the questions and the other will throw a bunch of words out of his mouth and go on to saying outrageous and slanderous statements against his opponent.

So what is the best strategy for Clinton when this happens? Well, don’t beat him down, treat him like a person in-over-his-head. A spoiled brat who doesn’t know better, gently call him Donald, not Mr. Trump, because he has not earned the respect for such salutation, I know this is too much for you, but running the country is not like running Celebrity Apprentice. She should then share a hopeful vision and dismiss Trump’s rants and raves as kicks from a desperate dying horse that knows the gig is up.

When he calls her crooked or a more vicious variation such as she is a criminal who should be jailed, and he will, Clinton should wonder loudly who really is crooked; a woman who has served the public throughout her adult life or a man who has swindled his way through life. While the WikiLeaks revelations against Clinton continue to dog her campaign, the information exposed is really not damaging. It’s just regular emails you’d expect in a campaign where they plan their messaging and how to maneuver between competing interests to maximize their appeal. Anybody who finds the emails as anything of a scandal as described by Trump, needs a brain transplant.

There is also a very disturbing aspect about the hacked emails. The source of the emails is foreign with links to the Russian government and they have made no secret that their effort is aimed at hurting Clinton’s chances. The Trump’s video confessing to sexually assaulting women is far worse and it’s unlikely there is anything WikiLeaks could reveal that could top that or any other worse October surprises awaiting Trump.

Clinton also has the option of going down the list of Trump’s crooked existence. Trump is after all a hypocritical billionaire on welfare, who may have not paid federal taxes his entire adult life, but has no problem castigating needy people on government assistance. The list of Trump’s crookedness is long; from his failure to release his tax returns, a serious breach of presidential tradition that is equal not providing a resume when applying for a job. Revelation that he lost almost $1 billion in a single year, his bankruptcies that left many of his investors holding an empty bag, the scammy Trump Foundation, Trump University, ditching the US steel industry in favor of China, dealings in Cuba while the country was under a strict trade embargo, the quid-pro-quo dealings with Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, multiple accusations of sexual assault with more likely to come, just to name 10 examples that readily come to mind.

But here is a list of more examples of Trump’s out-of-control corruption documented by Washington Post’s Pulitzer deserving reporter David Farenthold.

Clinton should also firmly rebuke Trump for planting the seeds of doubt on the integrity of our electoral process by claiming if he loses, the election is rigged. But if he wins, it’s not rigged. Funny how his mind rationalizes that self-serving and internally conflicted argument.

The last debate is useless. There will be nothing new to learn. Trump will make this another circus and embarrass the country on the national stage again. He might say things, which might be inappropriate for kids to hear because he lacks common sense. He will lie about anything and everything, speak meaninglessly like an idiot in response to serious national interest questions, push foolish impractical ideas about combating ISIS that he has gathered from conspiracy fora and blame everything on Clinton. He will do and say so many unpresidential things delivered with a mean and angry tone and punctuated with disgusting snorting.

He will lose this debate as well and hopefully soon this nightmare of a campaign will end with his resounding defeat.

But he will declare himself the winner of the debate not matter what scientific polls say.


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  1. It is very telling that this is the candidate the republicans put forth. If anyone looks closely at Trumps record of ills against Clintons; the conclusion is very simple. The lows we’ve reached in political discourse as a country during this election cycle just unpresidential.

    As a minority, it is sad to see the Obamas’ go…just sad.

  2. Phoebe says:

    Dear Mrs Clinton,
    When you engage with your opponent today,remind the voter’s how to be presidential, and how you will accomplish the array of issues that affect the people of this country and beyond.
    Please do not dwell on your opponent and his “boy talk”as his wife minimized it. Your opponent has already self destructed and essentially sealed his story by bringing out his wife to defend him. His own wife in an attempt to defend him (whether willingly or coerced or as a “good wife”),reminded us that her husband succumbed to peer pressure. Peer pressure from a younger man,who she described as “egging him on”,this clearly explains why the voters should not elect him. The voter’s should wonder, who else might “egg him on”,to make bad decisions in the Oval Office.
    Therefore, Mrs Clinton tonight is your night to “egg him on” towards policy and the other issues that are important to the American people.

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