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As the gun debate rages on in America, gun violence is far from over. According to, an not-for-profit organization that tracks incidents of gun violence across the country. This year alone, there have been 248 mass shootings, (a mass shooting is an incident where at least four people are shot), there have been more than 35,000 gun-related incidents. Out of these incidents, 9,170 people have been killed, to put it in context, less than 4,500 soldiers were killed in the Iraq war under President George Bush’s presidency. Gun violence has injured almost 20,000 people. There have been 206 officer-involved shootings where an officer has either been shot or killed and there have been almost 1,200 incidents of officer-involved shootings where the suspect was shot or killed. Kids have not been spared the gun violence either, since January to date, more than 400 kids have either been killed or injured by guns. How about those who did not mean to get shot and got shot anyway, yes, there are 1,300 incidents of accidental shooting so far this year. These are just recorded incidents, there could be more. But the point is clear, we have a problem and it’s time to take a serious look about gun laws and find ways to exercise the 2nd Amendment without jeopardizing our own safety.

For complete gun violence statistics click here.

I found this great piece from Joy Reid’s twitter page. It’s from The Rude Pundit blog. I think this is a great summary of the kind of despair people feel about the gun debate. Please read and ask yourself, have we surrendered in the effort of making gun laws that makes it difficult for criminals, terrorists and people with mental illness? Think about it, the kinds of guns out there are makes it more risky for even police to do their jobs. This debate needs to be done and done soon. But for now read the piece below and share what you think.

This is the ending paragraphs. But I urge you to read the opinion from the source blog.

Under the terms of our surrender, we agree to endure regular gun massacres without changing any of the lax gun laws that make it possible for almost anyone to purchase a weapon that can allow a single person to kill dozens of others. We agree to not even talk about outlawing guns. We agree to adjust our frame of reference after every “worst mass shooting,” re-calibrating from 20 to 32 to, now, 50. In this way, the next time we hear about an event where 4 or 5 or 10 people are gunned down, we can think, “Well, at least it’s not 50” and forget about it. We agree to keep electing lawmakers who continuously vote with the NRA, ensuring that only their support of the gun control will harm them. We agree to mourn and pray for the dead and not question when someone who is opposed to any gun laws says they are mourning and praying. We agree to pretend that suggesting that more guns is the answer isn’t complete and utter madness.

We agree to die quietly, lest we disturb the delicate sensibilities of the gun owners.

We have surrendered, yes, and we just blindly hope that it doesn’t get worse, yet it always does.

Click here to read The Rude Pundit.


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