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Is Donald Trump making sure his wife Melania does not vote for Hillary Clinton?

Is Donald Trump making sure his wife Melania does not vote for Hillary Clinton?

Republican nominee Donald Trump was loudly booed when he went to cast his vote. But construction workers cheered him on.

Trump booed

Trump campaign sues Nevada Clark County Registrar of voters for allowing the polling station to stay open past regularly posted hours to accommodate voters already in line. Is this the first step toward Trump refusing to concede the election results?

Update: Judge throws our Trump’s frivolous case against Clark County Registrar of voting. Judge Gloria Sturman said she did not like the idea of sequestering some ballots with the intention of making the public something that goes against making voting a secret. The whiny Trump campaign filed a complaint that keeping the polling station open to accommodate votes in line past regular voting hours gave an advantage to Democrats.

How long before Trump attacks the judge personally on her looks? Start the countdown.

In Arizona students are protesting Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In Philadelphia, Trump supporters are complaining that voting machines are refusing to let them vote for Trump. The incident happened in a small town ironically known as Clinton Township. You can now bet that Trump will be disputing the outcome in Pennsylvania.

Activist protest Trump in polling station

FEMEN topless activist protest Trump in polling station

Topless FEMEN activists protest Trump at his Manhattan polling station chanting “hate out of our polls.”  with writings on the body “grab your balls.” According to their website, FEMEN is an international women’s movement of brave topless female activists painted with the slogans and crowned with flowers.



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