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Well done running mate roll out

In First Joint Appearance Clinton-Kaine Attack Trump-Pence

Presumptive Democratic nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton described her running mate Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as everything their Republican rivals, businessman Donald Trump and Indiana Governor Mike Pence, are not. At a rally in Miami, Florida, Clinton spoke glowingly about Kaine, saying behind the warm smile Kaine has a backbone of steel gained from fighting and winning hard battles including a fight against National Rifle Association, NRA, a powerful gun lobby. This was a much better-organized roll-out compared to Trump’s botched roll-out of Pence where he appeared to be having second thoughts about his VP pick. The reviews for Kaine among progressives have been mixed and Clinton is hoping the strong introduction will put concerns against him at ease. Progressives such as Bernie Sanders’ supporter and former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner have criticized Kaine and not progressive enough citing concerns about his views on women’s right to choose and conglomeration of banks. Kaine says he is pro-life but he agrees that women should have the right to choose.

Kaine fired up the crowd when he called Trump “You’re Fired Candidate” and referred to Clinton as “You are Hired” and a bridge building candidate.

Kaine background as a civil rights lawyer, a mayor, Governor and Senator uniquely gives him experience in various areas of governance and public policy that will come handy to the Clinton campaign, he is ability to speak fluent Spanish electrified the crowd and will be a big asset in reaching out to Hispanic voters. Watch the entire speech here.

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