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Sanders should concede tonight to avert crisis

Berning The Democratic (Disunited) National Convention

The revolution is out of control. Today Bernie Sanders was booed by his own supporters for asking them support Democratic nominee Sec. Hillary Clinton. Sanders ran such a charged campaign based on absolute opposition to almost everything that Clinton stood for and convincing his supporters that the only way he could lose to her is because the system is rigged against him by the establishment. He railed against Super Delegates and Super PACS supporting Clinton suggesting that she was compromised by special interests. This prompted Sanders’ supporters to pelt Clinton with cash at a fundraiser hosted by actor George Clooney at his California home to benefit Democrats. He questioned the motives of her speeches to Goldman Sachs, suggesting that by refusing to release the transcripts of her speeches, she was hiding something and effectively stoking a long-lingering perception that Clinton was fundamentally dishonest and untrustworthy. His campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, drove this narrative at every opportunity saying Clinton would not hold Wall Street in check because she was compromised. Sanders was frequently a sore loser, whenever he lost a primary race, even in New York where he lost by a margin of more than 20 percentage points, he blamed it on turnout, creating an impression that Clinton and DNC were suppressing the vote– his votes.

When he lost California Primaries– decisively, by more than 10 percentage points, he did not concede, instead he said there are still votes out there and the results “will be close.” Granted he invested a lot of effort to win in California, but he lost, fair and square. The lack of showing grace in defeat sent a very bad signal to his supporters and planted even more seeds of discord leading to the situation we have today. Sanders also acted in bad faith. When the FBI failed to recommend and indictment for Clinton over the email scandal, Sanders went on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and did not seem pleased with FBI conclusion not to file criminal charges against Clinton. He suggested the case was ongoing creating an impression the FBI’s director’s decision could be overruled by Attorney General Loretta Lynch. This is despite the fact Blitzer reminded him that Lynch has committed to accepting and implementing the FBI recommendation, which in this case was not to prosecute. As much as this might be hard to swallow, Republican nominee Donald Trump was probably right when he said Sanders was hoping for Clinton to be indicted. Sanders eventually endorsed Clinton, after lagging for more than a month. It was a classless endorsement, he did it by shoving all his ideas down her throat — it was essentially blackmail. The subliminal message he sent there was that Clinton’s ideas were inferior and unless she accepted most or all his ideas, she was a phony and a Wall Street shill. Worse still, after the joint appearance with Clinton, Sanders did not offer to do more campaigns on behalf of Clinton. In an election as charged as this one, it’s necessary to bring supporters to a level of acceptance and the only way of doing that is going out and supporting the nominee through rallies and easing the “pain” and bring the contest to a positive closure. That is how you achieve unity and that is what Clinton did for President Barack Obama when he won the Democratic Primary in 2008.

Sander’s surrogates and supporters did not like the endorsement, former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, a major Sanders’ surrogate, could not even bring herself to agree that Clinton won fair and square instead she said Clinton won more votes. The mean-spiritedness of the Sanders campaign transferred to his supporters. In this report by TYT with Cenk Uygur, Sanders’ supporters say they felt betrayed by the endorsement because Sanders seemed to have joined the team he has so absolutely denounced in his rallies. These are young and mostly first-time voters, they believed everything he said because of it’s absolutism and that gave them comfort and in return they pledged their loyalty. They believed Sanders was going to win, even when he was losing big states like New Jersey, New York and California. It was hard for them to believe that despite them winning a lot of state, Clinton has won more. With this backdrop all you need to make it an explosive situation is prove any of their suspicions correct — like releasing DNC emails suggesting there was a effort to undermine Sanders. Wikileaks, with the help of Russian hackers provided Sanders’ supporters the missing piece and we are where we are. Clearly the DNC favored Clinton through the process, we didn’t need emails to prove it, there are many examples to show Clinton was their favorite, she is a close friend of DNC Chairwoman and Florida Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, raised funds for DNC and appeared regularly in DNC-sponsored event. Clinton is also a true Democrat unlike Sanders who is an Independent senator who caucuses with Democrats. Perhaps a major indicator of Clinton’s clout in the DNC is Super Delegates declared for her in droves, some even before the primaries or caucuses were held in their states. But that is what happens in elections, people choose sides and sometimes the humans, who are supposed to be neutral choose too. They need to be fired for that but pretending that is unheard of is disingenuous. Sanders ran a great campaign, he surprised everybody and out-performed every expectation but he is guilty of over-promising and under-delivering. That is why his supporters are angry. The truth is Sanders would have struggled majorly to win the presidential election because he is untested in a national level. Clinton never ran a negative advertisement against him and his negatives facts were not explored. Simple issues such as his trip to Russia after his wedding would have caused him a lot of heartache that would have been complicated by his self-identification as a socialist — Republicans would have simplified that to a term we all understand– COMMUNIST. His lone-wolf approach to politics would have made it difficult for him to find effective peer surrogates, his lack of fundraising on behalf of the DNC would not have endeared him to Democratic candidates on the ballot. While his supporters are fired-up, he would have found it difficult to gain support from Clinton supporters because of his rhetoric. To their credit, Clinton’s supporters have been very patient and allowed Sanders supporters a lot of space to vent. The only logical way for Sanders to unite the party is to concede to Clinton in his speech tonight.

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