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They are aiding Trump directly or indirectly. They don't belong in the DNC

Bernie-or-Busters are Closet Trumplicans “You’re Being Ridiculous”

It’s hard to imagine that anybody who voted for Bernie Sanders and agreed with his views would even consider not voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the first ever woman nominee for a major party. This strikes me as strange, extremely naive or plainly misinformed. After wrapping up the first day of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), where speaker after speaker including die-hard Sanders supporters like, Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkeley, Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, former NAACP President Ben Jealous and Comedian Sarah Silverman came out in support of Clinton, it was amazing there were still some Sanders’ supporters who were not ready to come on board. Some displayed a severe lack of understanding about how the process worked and one even suggested that Sanders’ supporters were not allowed to speak when clearly a significant number of speakers on the first were in fact Sander’s supporters. One California delegate complained that Sanders was made to go last, a clear misunderstanding of the honor it is to go last in the convention especially in a line-up the includes First Lady Michelle Obama and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Granted the email scandal riffed a lot of supporters, but action was taken and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz paid with her job and lost her opportunity to gavel-in a historic convention poised to nominate the first woman to ever become the flag-bearer of a major party. That was after she was mercilessly booed in a breakfast rally by Sanders’ supporters in the Florida delegation. It is almost as if these delegates and supporters are stuck on having a grievance even when none is warranted. Like kids throwing a fit over something they cannot have. It is unclear why they are still unhappy even after their own candidate has thrown his support behind Clinton. They continue to carry this irrational air of distrust toward around them. On one hand they say they trust only Sanders and if he tells them something they would do it an in the same breath they refuse to follow his endorsement of Clinton. So which is which? Are you following Bernie or not? Do you trust him or not? Democrats have done a lot to accommodate Sanders’ supporters, as noted in his speech, they have won and now because of their efforts, the Democratic Party has moved far left and adopted its most progressive platform in history. This should be a cause of celebration but you wouldn’t know that if you ask any of Bernie or Busters.

If they cannot agree to a compromise and join the party, it is time to move on from the Bernie or Bust crowd, forget them, let them vote for Trump. That is what they’re doing anyway, they are just looking for an excuse to justify it. Let them see how Trump will give them free college, increase minimum wage, break up banks, rein-in Wall Street and not “divide us up,” as Sanders would say. Let them see how Trump will fix immigration and allow dreamers to become citizens. Well, some of them are saying they will vote for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. The problem is she has no chance of winning and the only thing they will succeed in doing there is dividing the votes and increasing the chances for a Trump presidency. May be they don’t care, a phenomenon liberal Filmmaker Michael Moore called “The Jesse Ventura Effect.” In his article published in the Huffington Post, Moore said Trump will probably win because some people will adopt an anarchist mentality and vote for him just to see what would happen under a Trump presidency, just like they voted for wrestler Jesse Ventura to become governor of Minnesota. If this is the case then we should arrive at the same conclusion, let them go. If they stay and continue to disrupt the convention and making a fool of themselves, we won’t have a choice but to tell them “you’re being ridiculous.”

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