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Tonya Bride is protesting to stand up for Mexicans and those threatened by the Trump presidency.

Tonya Bride is protesting to stand up for Mexicans and those threatened by the Trump presidency.

Trump is not healthy for children and other living things, read a sign held by a child protester in L.A. Nov 12.

She was among thousands of passionate protesters chanting various lines such as this one asking for abolishing electoral college method of electing a US president.

“What do we want? a popular vote!”

“And when do we want it?”


That is among the many messages chanted by thousands of protesters in downtown LA expressing their displeasure over Tuesday’s election results where in a surprise outcome, Republican candidate Donald Trump, who ran a divisive unorthodox campaign pulled off a major upset over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

In California, Trump is very unpopular. He lost the state by almost 3 million votes, with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton garnering more than 61 percent of the vote over Trump’s 33 percent.

The several thousand protesters paraded peacefully around streets in Downtown Los Angeles under the watchful eyes of Los Angeles Police officers (LAPD). Chants of “he is not my president” and “immigrants are welcome here,” “our country is not a reality show” filled the air as the protesters walked down the street. They were passionate and some of them even plan to attend a larger protest on inauguration day Jan 20, 2017, when Trump is expected to be sworn in.

Tonya Bride, an international graduate student at UCLA who is studying Mexican history, said she is protesting to be in solidarity with Mexicans and immigrants who are offended by Trump. “It wouldn’t really be right if I don’t have solidarity with Mexico.” While she is aware the ongoing protests are not likely to stop Trump from becoming president, she has a higher goal, to reassure people who are threatened by a Trump’s presidency that people are standing with them.

Many of the protesters also shared similar views. They are aware they cannot change the election results, but they want to send a message that a vile and vulgar person like Trump who made racist and misogynistic statements on the campaign trail does not represent them. They also want to change election rules so that candidates who don’t win popular votes don’t become president over the will of the majority or plurality. While Trump won the electoral college vote count, Clinton trounced him in popular votes. According to AP report, Clinton is leading Trump in popular vote 60,839,922 (47.78 percent) versus Trump 60,265,858 (47.33 percent).

Trump’s win can through unorthodox campaign that insulted illegal Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers and in an Access Hollywood tape, Trump was caught by a hot mic stating that he “grab women by the pussy” just because he is a celebrity. Some signs alluded to this with statements such as “pussy grabs back” and “down with Trump, Don’t grab my pussy.”

Other creative signs included signs such as abolish electoral college, Make America Queer Again, Racism, overt or subtle, erodes our humanity, Black Lives Matter, 47 percent is not a mandate, America was never great, now it’s even worse and random ones like poop doesn’t exist.

The group of protesters included people from all walks of life, young and old, white, black, hispanic. Several people expressed support for Black Lives Matter movement and many flew the gay pride flag. The came out to denounce Trump over his views on racism, women rights, climate change and immigration among others.

There was a huge police presence and protesters could be heard telling officers thank you and they responded by telling protesters “be safe out there.”

While the presidential election is over the reaction to Trump’s victory remains explosive in various major cities. Protests have been reported in New York, Fresno, San Jose, Portland, Oregon among other major cities.


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