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August, 2016


BPD Unlawfully Subject African Americans to Disproportionate Rates of Stops, Searches and Arrests; uses Excessive Force; and Retaliates Against Individuals for their Constitutionally-Protected Expression.


The Justice Department announced Aug. 10 that it found reasonable cause to believe that the Baltimore City Police Department (BPD) engages in a pattern or practice of conduct that violates the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution as well as federal anti-discrimination laws. BPD makes stops, searches and arrests without the required justification; uses enforcement strategies that unlawfully subject African Americans to disproportionate rates of stops, searches and arrests; uses excessive force; and retaliates against individuals for their constitutionally-protected expression.  The pattern or practice results from systemic deficiencies that have persisted within BPD for many years and has exacerbated community distrust of the police, particularly in the African-American community. The city and the department have also entered into anRead More

An Open Letter to Ivanka Trump from Michael Moore: ‘Your Dad Is Not Well’

Dear Ivanka: I’m writing to you because your dad is not well. Every day he continues his spiral downward—and after his call for gun owners to commit acts of violence against Mrs. Clinton, it is clear he needs help, serious help. His comments and behavior have become more and more bizarre and detached from reality. He is in need of an intervention. And I believe only you can conduct it. Read it here Share on: WhatsApp

Trump Holds Views that are Antithetical to our Values

Harvard Republicans Deny Trump Their Endorsement

In a Facebook post, Harvard Republican Club said for the first time in it’s 158-year history, they are not endorsing the standard bearer of the Republican Party. Dear Members and Alumni, In every presidential election since 1888, the members and Executive Board of the Harvard Republican Club have gathered to discuss, debate, and eventually endorse the standard-bearer of our party. But for the first time in 128 years, we, the oldest College Republicans chapter in the nation, will not be endorsing the Republican nominee. Donald Trump holds views that are antithetical to our values not only as Republicans, but as Americans. The rhetoric he espouses –from racist slander to misogynistic taunts– is not consistent with our conservative principles, and hisRead More



Last week the American public came to a morose realization about Republican nominee Donald Trump– maybe he is crazy, insane, Cray Cray, they used fancy terms such as he has narcissistic personality disorder or multiple personality disorder and sleep deprivation but I’m yet to see anyone claim that Trump is hearing voices or he is speaking to aliens, the ones from outer space who travel in UFO or flying saucers. Yeah, those things. It was a brutal week, everything Trump touched did not turn to gold. He tripped all over himself by refusing to endorse Speaker Paul Ryan and Arizona Sen. John McCain on the very day President Barack Obama called him “unfit to serve as president” and “woefully unprepared toRead More


Rio 2016: Awards Kip Keino Receives Olympics Laurel Award for His Service to the Poor

Kenya’s most beloved athlete and Olympian Kipchoge Keino received the first ever Olympics Laurel Award August 6, during the Rio 2016 Olympics opening ceremony. In an IOC Video, Keino spoke about his charitable philosophy and love for education “education is a weapon that doesn’t cause any destruction, instead it creates people,” Keino said. Keino rose to fame in 1968 Olympics in Mexico when he won a gold medal as captain of the Kenyan team in the 1500 M race defeating the world record holder American Jim Ryun according to CNN.  He late won gold medal in 1972 Munich Olympics in the 3000 M race and raked in three more gold medal in Commonwealth Games. Keino used his success to give backRead More

This is a Wake Up Call for the Party that Liberated South Africa from Apartheid

ANC Loses Capital Pretoria to Rival DA in South Africa Vote

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma is being blamed for the biggest loss suffered by the African National Congress (ANC), the party that liberated South Africa from apartheid. ANC lost Pretoria, South Africa’s Capital to The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the latest municipal vote, a stinging defeat to a political party that has been viewed as Nelson Mandela’s party after it ended apartheid in 1994. Zuma is being blamed for presiding over corruption leading South Africa to become one of the most economically unequal country in the world. “For far too long, the ANC has governed South Africa with absolute impunity,” DA leader Mmusi Maimane said. South Africans were outraged when they recently found out that Zuma has spent $20M ofRead More

Seems as if the Republican Nominee did not get the Memo

Read the derailed RNC Hispanic Outreach Plan

GOP Hispanic Outreach It is imperative that the RNC changes how it engages with Hispanic communities to welcome in new members of our Party. If Hispanic Americans hear that the GOP doesn’t want them in the United States, they won’t pay attention to our next sentence. It doesn’t matter what we say about education, jobs or the economy; if Hispanics think that we do not want them here, they will close their ears to our policies. In essence, Hispanic voters tell us our Party’s position on immigration has become a litmus test, measuring whether we are meeting them with a welcome mat or a closed door. Throughout our discussions with various Hispanic groups, they told us this: Message matters. TooRead More

Like a Rabid Dog, Trump attacks Anyone who gets in his Way

Trump’s Attacks on Gold Star Family raise Questions about his Sanity

In his Democratic National Convention (DNC) speech, former NYC Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg didn’t just call on Americans to elect Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, he was very specific, “together, let’s elect a sane competent person with international experience,” implying Republican nominee Donald Trump was not sane. Trumps actions in the past few days have served to advance a perception that he is mentally unstable. His reaction to Khirz and Ghazala Khan, parents of Capt. Humayun Khan, a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq by a suicide bomber, was shocking. Instead of showing deference and empathy, Trump got on his spoilt brat counter-punch beast mode and questioned why a clearly emotional Ghazala, mother of Humayun, was just standing there not sayingRead More

In the End we will not remember the Words of our Enemies, but the Silence of our Friends

Lack of Courage: Republican Leaders’ Main Problem

“Have courage and be kind,” that is the advise Cinderella’s mother gave her daughter before she died. Well, Cinderella is a fairy tale so some can dismiss this as beautiful words from Disney utopia or sentiments from a Hallmark card. But the reality is we use these type of messages to teach our kids virtues and hope they will grow up to be people of integrity. The Republican leadership is in need of hearing such a message. Most of them have shown little courage and or acts of kindness toward those in need. Republican leaders are very quick to attack President Barack Obama over made-up stuff but they have shown amazing, in fact, unacceptable tolerance to Republican nominee Donald Trump,Read More

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