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July, 2016


Bernie Sanders' Supporters are not Impressed

Clinton Names Tim Kaine as her Running Mate

Through a short personalized text message to supporters, “I’m thrilled to tell you this first: I’ve chosen Sen. Tim Kaine as my running mate. Welcome him to our team,” Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton announced the most anticipated news of the day. It was a doozy, everybody saw that coming, but you have to give them credit for keeping the suspense till the end before unleashing an anti-climax. Sen. Kaine from Virginia is a well-known figure in the Democratic Party circles, he speaks fluent Spanish, he is a civil rights lawyer who represented Richmond residents in housing discrimination cases. Kaine is a strong supporter of gun control, climate change initiatives, and Obamacare. He served as DNC Chair, he is aRead More

Trump tries and fails to Pivot

Trump Preaches to the Choir in Dark and Pessimistic Acceptance Speech

It’s official, official, official. It doesn’t getting any more official than this, Donald J. Trump just accepted his nomination for the presidency of the United States and he did it the Trump way, meaning by making sure his fans are very happy and people who are not with him yet — they get nothing, at least nothing new. In all fairness he did not say crooked Hillary and he did not take the bait when his supporters started chanting lock her up!, lock her up! opting instead to say “let’s defeat her in November.” But if you were waiting the never-coming pivot to the general election, you have plenty more waiting to do. A more toned-down Trump, read his speechRead More

Embargo broken on Trump’s Acceptance Speech. Read it here

  This is very unusual, to say Trump’s campaign is a disaster would be an understatement. The speech he was supposed to deliver today was given to the media under embargo but it has been leaked. Embargo is a media term, where politicians give their prepared speeches to the media ahead of time in good faith agreement that they won’t publish before the speech is delivered. This helps both parties as it allows the media to get highlights and gives the politician an opportunity to build-up suspense and create excitement. If you have ever wondered why the media always seems to know what the politician is planning to say, that is why. Chances are the speech will change, to throwRead More

Delegates boo and Chris Christie calls Cruz selfish.

Ted Cruz gets his Revenge on Trump

To say Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s speech to the RNC was historic would be an awesome understatement. After being screwed with and called Lyin’ Ted by Republican nominee Donald Trump during the primary season, Cruz, finally got his revenge on the floor of the RNC and it was not pretty. He refused to endorse Trump and told the delegates and the entire Republican Party to “vote their conscience,” prompting the convention hall to erupt in angry boos. Many conservatives are predicting Cruz committed political suicide, but with a significant portion of Never Trump supporters still out there, Cruz might be playing the long game and if predictions are correct and Trump loses at the expected magnitude with routs on down-ballotRead More

How will the Trump Campaign respond to this?

The Guardian: Jill Harth, woman who sued Trump over alleged sexual assault, breaks silence

A woman at the center of sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump has spoken for the first time in detail about her personal experience with the billionaire tycoon who this week became the Republican nominee for president. This story will get bigger. Keep watching. Something note worthy, Jill Harth is being represented by Lisa Bloom, an attorney and daughter of celebrity and high-profile victim attorney Gloria Allred. Bloom penned this article June 29 in Huffington Post linking Trump to several allegations of sexual misconduct. The article also linked Trump and former President Bill Clinton to pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. According to Daily Mail, Trump’s lawyers denied the allegation stating the victim did not exist.   Share on: WhatsApp

Melania admires Mrs Obama and was using her words as insipiration

Speech Writer Takes the Fall for Melania

Meredith McIver, a speech writer with The Trump Organization is taking the fall for this embarrassment. In a very classy statement, McIver apologized for the incident and distraction it has caused. The New York Times noted that this is the first person in the Trump campaign to apologize and for that she goes down as the first adult in the Trump Campaign. In her statement, McIver said she had offered to resign but her offer was rejected. This is a very puzzling decision by Donald Trump and raises questions about Trump’s situational judgement especially considering the controversy was generating negative news stories in the media, casting a dark shadow on Republican National Convention and distracting the Trump campaign in general.Read More

Michelle Obama The Big Winner of Day 1 Republican National Convention

See new update about doubts on Melania Trump’s college background here. Many strange things have already happened with the Republican Presumptuous nominee’s Donald J. Trump’s campaign, but if you think you have seen it all, this is where the ShamWow guy says– But Wait, there is more! So now turns out that parts of the well-received keynote speech Melania Trump delivered with her silky and pleasant accent, was actually not original. It was stolen,  I mean plagiarized from First Lady Michelle Obama. This is very strange especially because the Trump brand is famously known being accused of running a scam colleges Trump University and Trump Institutes, which have been accused of using heavily plagiarized material. To think that Trump, a manRead More

Three Cops killed in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is reeling after a gun man killed 3 police officers and injured four others in an attack July 17th. The three officers killed are Montrell Jackson, 32, Matthew Gerald, 41 and Brad Garafola, 45. President Obama called for calm and urged politicians to weigh their rhetoric. We stand with the police who lost their lives and wish their family peace through this tough moment. The kille.r has been identified as former US Marine  Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, Missouri. He was killed in shootout with police. As expected the Trump campaign blamed the president for various misdeeds. Below is a statement from President Obama. I condemn, in the strongest sense of the word, the attack on law enforcement in BatonRead More

Wall Street Journal throws Trump under the Bus

Well, is this another sign that conservatives are not feeling Donald Trump’s vibe at all? For Wall Street Journal to literally post oppo research on a Republican nominee, this is serious. Hey TruDonald Trump is attacking Hillary Clinton these days, but eight years ago, in the midst of the 2008 Democratic primary race, he said she would “make a good president” and a lot of people thought pairing her with Barack Obama would be a “dream ticket.” Read the entire article here. Share on: WhatsApp

Suspect tells police the end is near


Reports from Dallas Tx state that at least 3 snipers have shot 11 police officers, killing 5 and wounding 6. The shooting happened after demonstrators took to the streets all over the country to protest the killing of two black men by police. The men killed are Alton Sterlin of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Philandro Castile or St. Paul Minnesota.  Raw Video shows violent scenes with witnesses speaking about a sniper shooting and four police officers being shot. President Barack Obama, who is attending a NATO meeting in Warsaw, Poland addressed the shooting and said every American is horrified at the despicable and calculated attack on law enforcement officers. Dallas police chief David Brown said 3 suspected snipers are in custody andRead More

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