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Saturday, July 23rd, 2016


Ambassador Chris Steven’s Mother Tells Trump to Stop Exploiting her Son’s Death

In a short letter to the editor in the New York Times, Mary F. Commanday, the mother of Ambassador Christopher Steven’s who was killed in a terrorist attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya called on Donald Trump and Republicans to stop any mention of her sons name. This is the link. Share on: WhatsApp

Well done running mate roll out

In First Joint Appearance Clinton-Kaine Attack Trump-Pence

Presumptive Democratic nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton described her running mate Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as everything their Republican rivals, businessman Donald Trump and Indiana Governor Mike Pence, are not. At a rally in Miami, Florida, Clinton spoke glowingly about Kaine, saying behind the warm smile Kaine has a backbone of steel gained from fighting and winning hard battles including a fight against National Rifle Association, NRA, a powerful gun lobby. This was a much better-organized roll-out compared to Trump’s botched roll-out of Pence where he appeared to be having second thoughts about his VP pick. The reviews for Kaine among progressives have been mixed and Clinton is hoping the strong introduction will put concerns against him at ease. Progressives suchRead More

Supporters plan various forms of Protests in Philly at the DNC

Is Bernie planning to pull a Ted Cruz in DNC Speech?

There is something brewing and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ and his supporters are brewing it. Sanders will be holding a private closed-door meeting with his delegates Monday July 25, in Philly, just a few hours ahead of the Democratic convention and on the same day he is scheduled to speak at the DNC. It is not clear what his meeting will be about but according to Associated Press Sanders has promised “a special meeting” to his 1900 delegates. The meeting might just be a chit-chat of old buddies but it raises eyebrows when he says that while he is coming out to support Clinton, he is not dropping out of the race. What does that mean? Clearly, such cryptic messages areRead More

Bernie Sanders' Supporters are not Impressed

Clinton Names Tim Kaine as her Running Mate

Through a short personalized text message to supporters, “I’m thrilled to tell you this first: I’ve chosen Sen. Tim Kaine as my running mate. Welcome him to our team,” Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton announced the most anticipated news of the day. It was a doozy, everybody saw that coming, but you have to give them credit for keeping the suspense till the end before unleashing an anti-climax. Sen. Kaine from Virginia is a well-known figure in the Democratic Party circles, he speaks fluent Spanish, he is a civil rights lawyer who represented Richmond residents in housing discrimination cases. Kaine is a strong supporter of gun control, climate change initiatives, and Obamacare. He served as DNC Chair, he is aRead More

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